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This site has been designed to help solve any difficulties you may be experiencing with any of our services.

These pages are your starting point for any querys, support issues, problems or current faults. The site includes a very useful Frequently Asked Questions page plus a whole host of useful tips and advice. We would like you to get fimiliar with this support site. You will find a wealth of knowledge regarding setting up common software to work with us along with FAQ's and HowTo's that show you how to get the best from the Internet - quickly & safely.

For those really urgent issues you can always call us direct, please visit the 'contact support' page for phone numbers & email addresses.
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Exclamation  SMTP Outbound Email

27th April 2013

We have recently had change our outbound SMTP server settings to enforce the use of SSL/TLS data encryption when authenticating to send email. You may need to update your outbound email settings to enable SSL/TLS. How do to this varies depending on the email program you are using. Please consult the documentation for your email program to enable this setting.

Exclamation  POP Delivery

8th July 2012

We are currently seeing various errors for customers sending email using SMTP. This issue is under investigation. An update will follow this morning. Inbound email should be normal. If you are not using (or an alias) then your outbound email will be fine.

Exclamation  POP Delivery

3rd Jan 2012

POP3 and IMAP issues (via have been resolved as of 14:30 - any emails queued (here) will be delivered to mailboxes today - and any missing this morning (during the outage) we'll add back into the queue.

We have identified an issue this morning with one of the mail servers - from around 7am IMAP and POP3 delivery for some customers has stopped and the client presented with a "timeout" error message. This will stop inbound email for customer using POP3 or IMAP.

*** This issue is still ongoing and we hope to have the mail server up shortly ***

Exclamation  POP Delivery

22nd Nov 2010

We have a small backlog of email delivery for some customer accounts. We are currently investigating and initial reports show that there is a slow down at one of the external services we use for virus scanning. If this becomes a larger issue we'll remove them from the pool and allow the queue to settle. Currently a large amount of email remains in a queue here, we are not as yet seeing any bounces for non delivery.

Exclamation  POP Delivery

09:00 17th Nov 2010

We are currently seeing a small backlog of email delivery for local accounts. This may be a consequence of an external network problem beyond us for which we rely on for AV and AS services. We are currently investigating.

The issue was resolved at 4:22am this morning, scanned email was processed and sent to client mailboxes after that time. There is no backlog of email waiting for delivery now.

Exclamation  SMTP Delivery

16:04 11th Nov 2010

SMTP issues (Sending via have been resolved as of 16:11 Thursday 11th Nov. All outstanding emails queued for delivery have been sent within the last 15 hours.

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18 June 2018

 No Maintenance Planned

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